Friday, November 13, 2015

Evelyn Vanderhoop
Haida Artist Textile Weaver
P.O. Box 65
Masset, BC
Phone: 250-626-5144

Artist Statement
I am an artist in the mediums of wool, cedar and paint. I have always wanted to create what I see and feel in the world that surrounds me. My world of forest, beach, ocean and mountains are the environments that enveloped my Haida ancestors. As a young person my drive for creativity produced scenes of landscapes and seascapes in oil on canvas. After university and marriage, I moved to Martha’s Vineyard Island a great distance east of the Northwest Coast. I painted the scenes of that beautiful island in watercolors because it was a safer medium to have around my three young children. I fell under the spell of the magic of watercolor, a paint that brings its own unique play on the surface of paper. After many years away, I returned to the Pacific Northwest. That return brought a yearning to join the revival that was happening within the traditional arts of the coast. I started by painting dancers in the regalia of the cultures. But I come from a family of weavers and the flying fingers of my mother, inspired and summoned me into creating the ceremonial regalia using my own hands to join the ancestral rhythm in the textile traditions of the Haida. I now specialize in weaving the traditional chief’s robes of the Naaxiin. The formline designs of the Naaxiin robes flow within a matrix of horizontal and vertical fiber. I “paint” in wool and cedar and my paint brushes are now my fingers moving in the ancient rhythm of my weaving ancestors. The garments of the past proclaimed alignment to the natural and supernatural forces of the environment and I have researched this early role of the mountain goat wool garments of the Haida. Today the wool textile robes continue to drape clan leaders during traditional ceremonies. It is an honor to produce objects and garments that illustrate the continuing story of power and culture that evolved from the past and moves us into the forces that surround us today.     
*  1971, University of Alaska, Fairbanks campus transfer to:
* 1972-76, Western Washington University, Bellingham WA
* 1976,  Bachelor of Arts
* 1972&76, summer studies through the University of Alaska, Renaissance Art while touring museums of Europe in: Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, England, and Belgium.
* 1992-93 Ketchikan Museums, Ketchikan, AK, Museum Internship.
* 1993/94/96, Raven’s Tail Weaving and Naaxiin (Chilkat) Weaving: Studied with Cheryl Samuel and Delores Churchill.

Teacher of Raven’s Tail and Naaxiin (Chilkat) TECHNIQUES
~  Totem Heritage Center, Ketchikan AK Weaving Instructor 
~  2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015; Raven’s Tail and Naaxiin techniques.
~  Alaska Native Heritage Center, Anchorage, AK Instructor 2002 Naaxiin weaving techniques
~  Vancouver Museum Vancouver, BC; 2006, Instructor: weaving workshop public program for “Totems to Turquoise” exhibit
~  Haida Heritage Center, Kay Linagaay Haida Gwaii BC, 2008, Raven’s Tail Instructor
~  Museum of the American Indian, New York City NY, 2011, Naaxiin Workshop Instructor
~ Nystle Society, Skidegate, BC, 2011, March Raven’s Tail instructor
~ Haida Heritage Center, Kay linagaay Haida Gwaii BC, 2013, Beginning Naaxiin Workshop, Canadian Council for The Arts, Individual Artist Grant recipient.
~ Haida Heritage Center, Kay linagaay Haida Gwaii BC, 2014, Intermediate Naaxiin Workshop, Canadian Council for The Arts, Individual Artist Grant recipient.
Public Presentation and Demonstration
~  Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence, Kansas, 2015, Presentation at Cultural Center and Museum.
~  University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, 2015, Presentation and demonstration at Textile Dept.
~  Spencer Museum of Art, Public Program presentation, 2015, Lawrence, Kansas
~  Haida Heritage Centre, Public weaving demonstration summer; 2014 and 2015
~  Sheldon Jackson Museum, Sitka AK, 2013, Lecture and Weaving session
~  Burke Museum, Seattle, WA, 2012, Public slide presentation
~  Museum of the American Indian, New York, NY, 2011, Naaxiin weaving demonstrator and naaxiin workshop, public program Woman’s History Month, The Arts of Haida Women.
~  Bard Graduate Center; Decorative Arts, Design History, Material Culture, New York, NY, 2011-Twine and Braid; Origins, Materials, and Meaning of the Chilkat Robe; Study Day with Evelyn Vanderhoop
~  Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, Ketchikan AK 2011, Friday Night Insights; Evelyn Vanderhoop Naaxiin Haida Chilkat Weaving.
~  Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Ont. 2010, Speaker Public Programming for Haida Made exhibit
~  Burke Museum, Seattle, WA, 2010, Demonstrator/workshop instructor for public programing for Weaving Traditions exhibit.
~  Bill Reid Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2010, Public Introduction and presentation during opening ceremonies for Time Warp; Contemporary Textiles of the Northwest Coast, Evelyn Vanderhoop and Martine Reid co-curators for first ever Northwest textile exhibit in North America.
~  The British Museum, London UK, 2008, Invited consultant for the Northwest Coast Textiles within collection of museum’s stores and public program demonstrator of Haida weaving.
~  Sharing Our Knowledge Clan Conference, Sitka, AK, 2007, Presenter: Appreciation of Chilkat Weaving
~  Gathering of the World Indigenous Peoples,” Pua, France, 2006, Invited Haida artist, public weaving demonstration and dance presenter.
~  Vancouver Museum, Vancouver BC, 2006, Weaving Instructor for workshop and demonstration for public program during Totems to Turquoise exhibit
~  Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Washington DC, 2005, Public program weaving demonstration
~  Pataka Museum, Porinua City, New Zealand, 2004, Invited speaker/presenter weavers conference in conjunction with festivities of the, Toi Maori: The Eternal Thread exhibit.
~  Longhouse Education and Cultural Center, Evergreen State College, Olympia WA, 2001, Invited participant/artist in residence during Pacific Rim Art Symposia, “The Return to the Swing
~  University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 2000, Artist Forum with Michael Kapotie; David Boxley; Evelyn Vanderhoop
*  Experience earlier than 2000 available upon request

*20012- Mentor for Paula Varnell for her Gwaii Trust Foundation Artist Mentorship Grant
*2009- Mentor for Lisa Hageman in her Aboriginal Arts Development Award; British Columbia Arts Counsel in partnership with the First Peoples’ Heritage, Language and Cultural Council.
*2006/2007- Master artist for apprentice Elsie Stewart-Burton awarded grant from Gwaii Trust Foundation.

Watercolor Artist
Professional Watercolor artist; Martha’s Vineyard 1980-Alaska 1991-Washington State 1993-
Painting image chosen as reference for United States Postal stamp: Raven Dancer. 1996 American Indian Dances commemorative stamps designed by Keith Birdsong.
Separate Painting resume available on request.

~  2015-Seattle Collects Northwest Coast Native Art, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle WA
~  2015-Here & Now: Native Artists Inspired, Burke Museum, Seattle WA
~  2014-Gina Suuda tl’l Xasii, Come to Tell Something; Art & Artist in Haida Society, Haida Gwaii Museum, Skidegate BC
~  2010- Solo Watercolour Exhibition, Haida Gwaii Museum, Skidegate, BC
~  2010 Weaving Heritage: Textile Masterpieces from The Burke Collection, Burke Museum, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
~  2010- Time Warp, Contemporary Textiles of the Northwest Coast; The Bill Reid Gallery, Vancouver, BC
~  2008- Extreme Baskets, Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
~  2007- Stretching the Boundaries, Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
~  2006- Toi Maori: The Eternal Thread, Burke Museum, Seattle, WA
~  2006- Manawa, Pacific Heartbeat, Spirit Wrestler Gallery, Vancouver, BC
~  2006-Raven Traveling, Two Centuries of Haida Art, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
~ 2004- Totems to Turquoise, Museum of Natural History, NY- 2006 Vancouver Museum, BC.
~  2004- Toi Maori: The Eternal Thread, Patraka Museum, Porirua City, New Zealand
~  2001- The Return of the Swing: Gathering of Indigenous Visual Artists, Evergreen College, Olympia, WA.
~  2000-Native American Art from Alaska, Bahti Indian Arts Imports, Tucson, Arizona
~  Exhibits earlier than 2000 available upon request

Media and Publication
. 2015- Gina Suuda tl’l Xasii, Come to Tell Something; Art & Artist in Haida Society; catalog exhibit book-textile essay and consultant to content; Haida Gwaii Museum Press
.  2014-Northwest Coast Indian Art; An Analysis of Form, 50th Anniversary Edition Bill Holm; Evelyn Vanderhoop essay in honor of author’s contribution to Northwest coast textile art and career. 
.  2014-Tracing Roots; A Weaver’s Journey, Documentary film, Ellen Frankenstein producer, interviewed speaking as Delores Churchill’s daughter and member of a weaving family.
.  2013-In The Spirit of the Ancestors: Contemporary Northwest Coast Art at the Burke Museum, Bill Holm Center Publication Series; Invited Essay, Evelyn Vanderhoop Contributor
.  2013-Return to the Land of the Head Hunters; Edward S. Curtis, the Kwakwaka’wakw, and the Making of Modern Cinema, edited; Brad Evans & Aaron Glass; Photo essay by Evelyn Vanderhoop
.  2012-Native British Columbia Guide: Artists, Galleries, Museums Attractions, Christopher Best; Featured Artist, Evelyn Vanderhoop
.  2010-Time Warp; Contemporary Textiles of the Northwest Coast, catalog publication for Time Warp exhibit, Bill Reid Foundation; Co-curatorial essay
.  2007-Native Artists in the Americas; National Museum of the American Indian Native Arts Program; the First Ten Years; Introduction by Keevin Lewis, Essays and artwork by the Artists. Smithsonian publication, edit Jessica Welton; Essay by Evelyn Vanderhoop
.  2006- Manawa-Pacific Heartbeat, book by Spirit Wrestler Gallery, Evelyn Vanderhoop; Beaver Apron image; artist statement and biography
.  2005-Native American Voices on Identity, Art, and Culture; Objects of Everlasting Esteem; edited by Lucy Fowler Williams, William Wierzbowski and Robert W. Preucel. Two essays by Evelyn Vanderhoop
.  2004-Totems to Turquoise: Native American Jewelry arts of the Northwest and Southwest, Book; Kari Chalker editor with essay from interview of Evelyn Vanderhoop.
.  2003-NaXine Weaver; Ravens and Eagles: Haida Art (Series 2 video), Ravens and Eagles Productions- Jeff Bear & Marianne Jones. Evelyn Vanderhoop weaving and discussing the textile Northwest Coast and Haida traditional art.
.  1999-Mythic Beings: Spirit Art of the Northwest Coast, Gary Wyatt, author Spirit Wrestler Gallery; Evelyn Vanderhoop featured artist biography.
.  1999- Northwest Carving Traditions, Book authors; Karen &Ralph Norris, images of Evelyn Vanderhoop Naaxiin weaving.
Museum Acquisitions
*  2008- Miniature Naaxiin Robe with Mannequin for Permanent Exhibit at the Haida Heritage Centre, Skidegate BC
*  2010-Naaxiin Spirit Belt Collection of the Burke Museum, Seattle WA
*  2011-Full Size Raven’s Tail Chief Robe collected and on Permanent Exhibit at the Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau, Ontario
Museum Textile Collections Research
Weaving and textile research in the following Venues:
·       The British Museum, London, UK
·       Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri
·       Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas
·       The Museum of Natural History, New York City, NY
·       The Museum of The American Indian, Washington DC
·       The National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC
·       .University of Pennsylvania, University Museum, Philadelphia,
·       The Brooklyn Museum, New York City, NY
·       Peabody Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
·       Peabody and Essex Museum, Salem, MA
·       The Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR
·       The Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA
·       The Burke Museum, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
·       The Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois
·       The Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii
·       Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, NZ
·       The Alaska State Museum, Juneau, AK
·       Ketchikan Museums, Totem Heritage Center: Ketchikan, AK
·       Canadian Museum of History, National Museums of Canada, Ottawa,
·       Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario
·       Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria, BC
·       Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta
·       University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology, BC
·       Southwest Museum of the American Indian, Los Angeles, CA
·       The Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Pasadena, CA
* 2014-Individual Artist Grant-Canadian Council for the Arts; Instructor for Intermediate Naaxiin Class, Haida Heritage Centre, Haida Gwaii.
* 2013-Individual Artist Grant-Canadian Council for the Arts; Instructor for Beginning Naaxiin Class Haida Heritage, Haida Gwaii.
* 2012, Research Grant recipient, Burke Museum, Bill Holm Center for Northwest Coast Art. University of Washington, WA
* 2005, Awarded continued Art Fellowship/Artist in Residence, National Museum of the American Indian- Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC.
* 2000, Awarded Art Fellowship/ Artist in Residence, National Museum of the American Indian-ATLATL-Smithsonian Institute sponsored study in Museum of Natural History, New York, NY; Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn NY; Museum of the American Indian, New York City, NY; University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC.
      * 1998, First Place Northwest Textile, Naaxiin (Chilkat) leggings, Art Northwest, Portland, OR.
          *1996, Awarded Washington State Arts Commission Master/Apprentice Grant Cheryl Samuel &       Evelyn Vanderhoop

* Awards for Weaving and Painting previous to the year 2000 available upon request.