The Naaxiin/Chilkat

In 2000, Evelyn Vanderhoop finished her first full size Naaxiiin(Chilkat) chief robe

Detail of 2000 Naaxiin Chief's Robe
Beaver Dance Apron
The Beaver Dance Apron in Progress
Spirit Belt inspired by ancestral Haida war belts

The following photos reveal the progression made while Evelyn Vanderhoop was weaving a dance apron  woven for Christian White, Haida Carver of Old Massett

The design was created by Christian White
Evelyn demonstrating at the Burke Museum Seattle, WA
Eight eyes now watch my progress

I am creating the top of the major eye ovoid,s notice the blue yarn placeholders.
This is one of the most complicated eyes to do. I drop a drawstring down their center. I also take out the ties of the warps, so my fingers and weaving have less impediments. 
More eyes to watch my progress.
The top of the nose, the start of the cheek design is happening now. Blue is an unusual color for them, but this is what Christian wanted for this being of the sea.
He can breath easier now with his nostrils.
The teeth are in and they have already firmly got a hold of something.
Tiffany Vanderhoop is helping with the loose ends at the back of the apron.
Christian White is holding the completed dance apron before it is presented at the feast
Christian White wears and dances the apron at the "End of Winter Feast

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  1. This is absolutely out-of-this-world amazing!
    While looking at the progression of Ms Vanderhoop's work, I had a deep sense of awe and a certainty that I was witnessing something very sacred.
    I am so grateful and thankful to Ms. Vanderhoop and artists like her to keep the old sacred tradions alive and thus giving us something to hold on in this ugly, busy, materialistic world.